Corner Pharmacy’s Club Aid Scheme

We have come up with a novel idea to help grassroots sports clubs throughout NZ. Having been involved in grassroots sports in New Zealand for 30 years, we know the financial constraints sports clubs operated within and the difficult circumstances in which they get funds to run their sports clubs. Relying on funding agencies is not always such a good idea, with many more clubs often ahead of the queue. Having seen first hand how amateur sports clubs run and the disappointment of getting funding rejected, we have offered all sports clubs in New Zealand a chance to raise money for themselves.

The idea is blatantly simple. All a sports club needs to do is to notify all their members to buy pharmacy items online from When purchasing your products, the customer has a chance to nominate their sports club of choice.  Every month 5% of every transaction made by a customer (club member) will be rebated to their sports club of choice.

The estimated minimum amount spent by individuals on Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins and Beauty Products are at least $100 a month. If a Club has 500 members spending $100.00 a month from Corner Pharmacy then the club can expect 500 x $100 x 5% = $2500.00 a month. Not a bad fundraising effort. Remember this is the minimum. Some clubs have over 1000 members and they will greatly benefit from this scheme. Smaller clubs have smaller budgets and they too will benefit.


How to nominate your club

While purchasing your order, check the ‘gift option’ box. In the ‘message’ box, simply type the full name of the club.

Email for any enquiries.

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