The Warriors Who Make Us Proud

New Zealand has always been a country with good sports facilities and most importantly, competent sports persons who have never failed to make us proud. The title of the blog is true in every sense of the word because New Zealand has formidable sports team that win titles all over the world. The recent Rio Olympics is a testament to that. But even though we are in a comfortable position when it comes to Sports facilities and infrastructure, there is always scope for improvement.

For an entire country to be extraordinary in sports, profound change needs to happen in the infrastructure as well as mind sets of the people. With 19 medals in our hood and at a decent position of 18, celebrations are in order. Our sports personnel have worked diligently towards a common goal, without losing focus.  As they are constantly doing everything they can to make our country proud, there are a few things that can be improved to make their jobs easier. A flourishing country like ours, need no drastic changes in facilities and infrastructure. Nevertheless, there are a few areas where we seem to be lacking. Even though we have many sports facilities with state of the art infrastructure, maintenance seems to be a major issue as facilities gets older. Also older facilities are devoid of newer equipment and become outdated. Maintenance is as important as building. Apart from materialistic factors, there need to be more children out there, playing and discovering what sport they are really into. With more and more passionate sports persons, more awards are guaranteed.

Apart from all the above factors, medical treatment for athletes and players are crucial to maintaining a healthy and competent sports team. With severe injuries hindering the most experienced of players from achieving their goal, sports injuries have to be taken seriously. A plethora of sports medicines are available online in the NZ market for pain relief and first aid. It is imperative to keep some essential medicines and ointments in hand at all times, as injuries when left unattended can blow up to career shattering obstacles. One such essential medicine is Voltaren Emulgel that relieves the user from inflammation, sprains and other sports injuries. Buy Voltaren Emulgel online and elevate your sports conditions by a large mile.

Combating Sinusitis

What may seem like a common cold can be one of your worst nightmares. We are talking about Sinusitis. We all know that sinusitis is inflammation of the tissues lining the sinus. It is a common disease that can affect anyone and for the very same reason, they are seen with considerable severity. With a good amount of the population prone to this disease, it is essential to be aware of causes, triggering factors, diagnosis and treatment methods.
Even though sinusitus emulates common cold’s symptoms, there are some distinct symptoms that give it away. Pain in the forehead and between the eyes can be a cause for concern. Congested and stuffy nose are seen with allergies and cold, but they are consistent with sinusitus as well. If nasal congestion and facial pain are persistent over weeks, it is advisable to go to the doctor. Sinusitus can be classified according to its severity as Acute, Sub- Acute, Chronic, and Recurring. This classification is based on the level of discomfort and the time span for which the symptoms are persistent. It is important to analyze which stage you’re at before starting treatment.
Factors that cause Sinusitus may range from external factors such as allergies and irritants, to internal factors like immune deficiencies, deviated septum and nasal polyps. Blocked drainage ducts and nasal polyps can be diagnosed by a physician by means of a nasal endoscopy or even a simple physical examination. The doctor will press your sinus for tenderness and tap your teeth to check for inflamed paranasal sinus. Basically, it is important to check with a physician before jumping to any conclusion.
Treatment is very important as Sinusitis when left untreated can lead to Meningitis or Brain abscess. Treatments may be as simple as nasal sprays and decongestants, antibodies if it is a case of immune deficiency or in worst cases, a surgery. However, if your doctor confirms that it is acute or sub-acute Sinusitis, you need to start using nasal sprays and nose drops to get rid of congestion along with the antibiotic medicines they prescribe. Instead of searching for a pharmacy when your sinus gets worse, it is more practical to buy nasal sprays and nose drops online from NZ pharmacy websites, such as Otrivin nasal sprays and Otrivin nose drops, which are trustworthy nasal decongestants

Embracing Your Feminine Side

Women are effortless multi- taskers. It’s no doubt that women are extremely efficient and multi-faceted. They can go from being a CEO of a firm, during the days, to a loving mom in the evenings. They run around the clock trying to have the perfect work-life balance. Now all of this doesn’t come free, does it? It costs a great deal of energy and time and also a little bit of your health.

Women in general are more prone to calcium deficiencies and other vitamin deficits. Women in their late forties are prone to demineralization of their bones that might bring down their efficiency. Younger women on the other hand go through the painful process of menstruation every month that is sure to get in the way of their work or chores. When you are always on the go, it is extremely inconvenient to deal with these symptoms. In the midst of work, family and other things, women of today tend to forget one crucial thing – to take care of their health. Without optimum health, it would be impossible to juggle the millions of things women usually do.

To keep your health in check, there are a number of things you might have to do. Starting from regular health check-ups to exercises, each and every single thing plays an important role in maintaining your health. If you find it difficult to fit them in your schedule, alternative actions must be taken. There is a wide array of women health products available online, that can help you in leading a fulfilling and healthy life. If you are afraid of drugs causing side effects, there are various natural heath medicines for deficiencies and menstrual cramps that can relieve you of discomfort and keep you in perfect health. All you have to do is order them online and consume it properly, in order to help keep up with your busy schedule.

To A Pain Free Life

Nobody likes to be sick. Be it a small flu or a major illness, sicknesses take a toll on our mood and affect our day to day activities. Even though major illnesses pose a serious threat to our well-being, little discomforts like cold, hay fever, menstrual cramps and body soreness cause irritation and discomposure. This is when pain relievers and analgesics come to our rescue.

Everybody knows what it likes to have a cold. Even though it doesn’t cause any serious threat to our health, it is probably one of the most uncomfortable and annoying things ever. Right from carrying a box of tissues everywhere you go to body pain and fatigue, Colds bombard you with an army of discomforting symptoms.

It’s the same for generic pain, including headaches, muscular pain, and dental aches. Getting body pain or a headache is a common source of constant nagging and annoyance. Even though it is a place you do not want to be in, we all know everyone is bound to go through them frequently, throughout their lives. There are many pain relievers and analgesics out there, which can get rid of the symptoms in no time. However, it is important to make an informed choice while purchasing pain-relief medicines.

Even though these symptoms are not serious in nature, it is imperative to consult your doctor and get their go-ahead before you start consuming a particular medicine. Self-prescription is known to be fatal and it is necessary to make sure you do not take up a medicine that can prove harmful to your health. Even though paracetamols and analgesics are an integral part of our medicine cabinets, we should understand that too much of anything can be poisonous. Even while ordering pain relief products online, it is crucial to get your physician’s approval. Online pain relief tablets are truly convenient to buy and serve as a relief when you are unable to contact your physician. But great care should be taken to consume the right medicine in right doses at the right time.

Protect Your Sight Without Any Plight

We all remember when we were told not sit too close to the TV and watch cartoons. Gone are those days when we thought we can control the usage of technology by simple means. Nowadays, it’s a different story. Technology has become inevitable. Be it your workplace or home, we all use gadgets to go about our daily business. It is impractical to stay away from technology, so we should resort to suitable means of protection and rejuvenation.

Our eyes are one of the most vital parts of our body and the most delicate too. It is important to take good care of them to have optimum vision throughout your life. If you wear contact lenses, you will know that it is strenuous affair. With so many processes involved, it is very easy to skip some steps to save time. But if you use contact lenses without taking the due precautions, it can turn out to be extremely harmful and might even result in the loss of eyesight. Therefore, it is important to take proper measures while wearing contact lenses. Be it owning lens solutions, cleaners and proper usage of contact lenses which includes cleaning it properly and restricting its use to 8 hours.

Even people who can see clearly without any aid, tend to develop other problems such as dryness and irritation in the eye. This can be solved by using eye lubricants that refresh your eye and keeps them moist and clean. Many of us tend to ignore eye care as they do not pose too many problems. But with the increase in technology usage, pollution and the harsh New Zealand sun penetrating our stratosphere, it is essential to take concerted efforts to maintain our eyes in good health.

Many eye care products are available online in the NZ market and it is easy to order them and keep some essential eye drops and solutions in hand at all times. Buy eye drops online and never compromise on the well-being of your precious eyes.

Corner Pharmacy’s Club Aid Scheme

We have come up with a novel idea to help grassroots sports clubs throughout NZ. Having been involved in grassroots sports in New Zealand for 30 years, we know the financial constraints sports clubs operated within and the difficult circumstances in which they get funds to run their sports clubs. Relying on funding agencies is not always such a good idea, with many more clubs often ahead of the queue. Having seen first hand how amateur sports clubs run and the disappointment of getting funding rejected, we have offered all sports clubs in New Zealand a chance to raise money for themselves.

The idea is blatantly simple. All a sports club needs to do is to notify all their members to buy pharmacy items online from When purchasing your products, the customer has a chance to nominate their sports club of choice.  Every month 5% of every transaction made by a customer (club member) will be rebated to their sports club of choice.

The estimated minimum amount spent by individuals on Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins and Beauty Products are at least $100 a month. If a Club has 500 members spending $100.00 a month from Corner Pharmacy then the club can expect 500 x $100 x 5% = $2500.00 a month. Not a bad fundraising effort. Remember this is the minimum. Some clubs have over 1000 members and they will greatly benefit from this scheme. Smaller clubs have smaller budgets and they too will benefit.


How to nominate your club

While purchasing your order, check the ‘gift option’ box. In the ‘message’ box, simply type the full name of the club.

Email for any enquiries.

The Congestion Conundrum

As the Facebook meme famously said, “When I get blocked nose, I think about times when my nose

wasn’t blocked and how I took it for granted”. I think we can all agree that blocked noses are one of

the most annoying things that happened to mankind.

Jokes aside, nasal congestion is not just about the discomfort it causes. If you do not identify the

exact cause of nasal congestion, it might have some severe consequences.

Nasal congestion may be caused by something as casual as the Cold or something as severe as Sleep

Apnea. It is important to identify the cause and treat it accordingly. Nasal congestion is just a

symptom. Consult your doctor to eliminate the root cause rather than the symptom. If it’s an adult

or an adolescent, nasal congestion due to a cold or an allergy is nothing to be worried about. In the

case of an infant though, it might interfere with breastfeeding and could eventually cause serious

respiratory distress.

While there are various forms of decongestants available, Nasal sprays are the most effective in

crossing the blood-brain barrier. There are different types of nasal sprays , such as Antihistamine

sprays, Corticosteroid sprays, Saline sprays and topical decongestant sprays etc. Each of these

sprays has a unique purpose and a time limit on their usage. Overusing nasal sprays come with a

different set of problems that are extremely unpleasant. So make sure to choose the right kind of

spray according to the user’s age group and condition.

If you have a respiratory illness or a kid at home, chances are, you will need nasal sprays at your

disposal, at all times, thanks to the changing climate in New Zealand. If you aren’t too keen on using

nasal sprays, resort to nasal drops. If you have trouble finding these nasal decongestants in a

pharmacy in NZ, you have the luxury to buy Otrivin nasal sprays and Otrivin nasal drops online

without moving a muscle.

Injury- The stumbling block in a sportsperson’s career

Sports as a career might seem luxurious and glamorous from the outside. Apart from a Sportsperson facing the difficulties of choosing such an unconventional career option, a lot of blood and sweat goes into making a successful sportsperson. Years of training and hard work and the right opportunity to showcase your talent are crucial to pursue sports for a living. If you are in the training period or an established sportsperson, the word Injury will alarm you beyond measure. And here is why.

Millions of sports careers have been ruined because of Injury. Be it a person in training or an established sports icon, Injury doesn’t spare anyone. This is the thing about injuries- they are insidious and deceptive. Injuries catch you by surprise. You can never prepare for it. A slight soreness in your shoulder can magnify into something as severe as a ligament tear and you won’t actually know the severity of the issue until your physician reveals it. There are times when you hear a loud crack while hitting the ball and fear it to be the end of your career and thankfully it turns out to be nothing. But if it is a serious injury, the consequences are grave.

An injury for a sportsperson is more than just physical pain. It is a combination of physical discomfort and mental stress. Injuries stop you from playing on the field and it could potentially change the course of your career. Recoveries take their own sweet time and you can’t rush the healing process just in time for an important game. You need to come to terms with the fact that this injury is going to alter some aspects of your career and quite frankly, it’s not easy to deal with.

Even though the entire affair seems hopeless and frightening, there are some things you can do to prevent or heal an injury. Prevention is better than cure, so be it a tiny scratch or slight numbness, go to your physician as soon as you feel something abnormal. This way you won’t beat yourself up for ignoring the signs. It is imperative to keep first aid supplies and sports related medicines in hand, at all times. Sports participation in New Zealand is growing at a phenomenal rate. But it is crucial to aid these sports facilities with pharmacies and necessary medicines. Sports medicines are available in abundance on the internet and the prospect of buying medicines online in bulk is certainly a boon to the sports industry in New Zealand

Bye Bye Blemishes

Scars, blemishes, and wrinkles. Three words that no person wants to hear. In today’s world

when most of the human population are working round the clock, it’s extremely difficult to

replenish our skin. Even if we do, we resort to random chemicals that are advertised



Even though buying a fancy cosmetic is easy and hassle free, you will face innumerable side

effects. And you know what the side effects are discolorations and blemishes. It’s truly a

vicious cycle. The cosmetic which is supposed to get rid of your scars and spots just brings

you more of them. This is counterproductive and frustrating.


In addition to scars and blemishes, wrinkles are a major issue for middle-aged women. It’s

a scary reminder that your 40th birthday is right around the corner. But who said that you

can’t look flawless in your 40’s? Wrinkles and stretch marks on any part of your body can be

eradicated with natural care for your skin. It’s no surprise that the modern age chemical

filled cosmetics don’t have an answer to your wrinkle worries. When your skin is aging and

blemishes and wrinkles start showing up, It’s essential to bring your A game on. You need

something personalized and straight from the nature to counteract the aging process. A

generalized formula that is packed in a box and falsely advertised that it is going to solve all

your skin problems is not what you need.


Mother Nature has the solution to all your problems. Nothing works on blemishes and scars

like a good old nature derived oil. There are many products out there like Aloe Vera and

Rosehip that can do magic to your skin. Rosehip oil, for instance, has the sublime property

of healing scars and spots in a short amount of time. In addition to reducing these spots

and wrinkles, they also enrich your skin to a great extent and make your skin glow. What

are you waiting for? Rejuvenate your skin and recover its health by applying some rosehip

oil on it.

The Art Of Raising A Baby

Raising a baby is no child’s play. Right from when they are born, the little bundle of joy needs utmost care and attention. The beautiful thing about bringing up a child is to see them grow and learn daily. But during these stages, a child needs to be taken care of, at all times. Catering to every single need of theirs is not an easy task. You need to be well equipped and prepared to take this up.

Right from feeding your child, to identifying the source of their discomfort, taking care of your baby needs a lot of patience. There are products that can help to relieve some of that pressure. A plethora of products are available online to assist any parent. These products range from breastfeeding pumps for working mothers, to medicines that stop your baby’s nail biting habit.

Buying baby care products online in New Zealand is a fast growing industry, which offers countless baby care products. Until the kids reach ages 9 or 10, they fall sick frequently. It is important for parents to stock up the medicine cabinet with medicines for common diseases like flu and stomach worms, after consulting your physician. Websites with various kids care products online in New Zealand, let you purchase these medicines in bulk. If you are a parent of a toddler or a baby, you will know the importance of stocking up on bath oils and nappies.

Buying baby care products online solves many problems that parents of today’s generation are facing. It is not always necessary to take care your baby to the pharmacy to buy these products. Various online stores provide the comfort of shopping from home and booking in bulk along with easy payment options and return policies. Baby care products have revolutionised online shopping in New Zealand in a very short span of time. What are you waiting for? Go hit the internet to purchase any desired kids care product. Happy parenting!