Taking the right steps to ensure your child’s health and prevent future illness

Children bring joy and laughter into our lives, but sometimes they drive us crazy with their tantrums, nonetheless our lives are never the same when we have kids around. It’s nice to see them running around the house full of curiosity and always looking for something to do. When they are healthy and well there is never a dull moment around the house. But there are days when our baby’s or toddler’s get sick, they are no longer active as before, they seem cranky most of the time, can’t sleep well and nothing seems to make them happy. The cause may be a simple illness such as the common cold or flu, diarrhea or stomach pain; these illnesses although common afflict kids more than adults and hence it is necessary for us to be prepared to handle these common bouts of illness in our kids.

While it is important to go to a Paediatrician when your baby is sick to ensure that your kid gets the right treatment, it is equally important to be prepared for the next round of sickness which can strike at any time. Most of us are unprepared for such situations, so what can you do if your child has a mild sickness when you are travelling, or you are unable to get the doctor’s appointment in time, the trick here is not to panic but simply plan ahead.

More than the doctor it is the mother who understands the child’s health and illness symptoms as soon as they manifest, in such situations the key is not to panic and immediately try and schedule an appointment with the doctor. We merely have to study our child’s previous health reports and doctor’srecommendations; this might help us to identify the current affliction. Observe the symptoms noted down by the doctor and the corresponding medications along with the recommended dosage. It is advisable to always have common medicines at hand this include medicines for cold and cough, fever, skin rash, stool softeners, stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting  … you know the drill. Doctor’s too suggest a minimum of three days observation period before prescribing any strong medications, in the mean time we should be able to manage our children’s illness and seek the doctor’s help when we notice the symptoms getting stronger or if our children are not responding to the previous medications.

It is preferable to stock the below over the counter medications for managing the most common illnesses in babies and toddlers.

  • Nasal spray or Nasal drops to relive blocked noses
  • Constipation reliving drops for babies
  • Fever and Pain relievers including Paracetamol and Ibuprofen drops and syrups
  • Antibiotic syrups
  • Anti-allergy drops and syrups
  • Cough drops and syrups
  • Anti-diarrhea medicine for kids
  • Syrups for nausea and vomiting
  • De-worming medication
  • Anti-rash powder

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Protecting your Precious Baby’s Skin

There are a few things that you will not let near your baby. Some of these items are harmful chemicals, Petroleum by-products, skin irritants etc. You wouldn’t apply these horrid chemicals on your baby’s delicate skin if you knew what you were doing. However, the sad truth is that components like this are frequently used in making many of the baby skincare products and toiletries.

It is a mother’s duty and privilege to look after her little bundle of joy with everything she has. There is nothing more gorgeous or gentle than a new-born’s skin. Did you know that a baby’s skin is more susceptible to toxic as their skin thickness is far lesser than an adult’s? With their skin being thinner and tenderer, chemicals in soaps and lotions are more likely to increase their body toxicity levels. When a baby is skin this vulnerable and delicate, it is important to choose skincare products wisely.

The longstanding problems caused by these chemicals in skincare products are often unknown to many parents out there. However, scientists are certain that these chemical infested products do a lot of harm in the long run. They are known to cause many skin problems and related diseases. You might see some immediate effects like skin irritation, burning, appearance of rashes etc. soon after application. It is always advisable to do a small patch test to see if there are any immediate reactions on your baby’s skin.

Even though we can do patch tests, a concerned parent will want to stay away from such harmful products altogether. To choose your baby’s skincare products wisely and to ensure that they do not pose any harm to your little munchkin’s skin. Buy the best of baby skincare products online in NZ from baby shampoos to soaps that do not cause skin irritation or rashes. These skincare products available online in NZ are sure to protect and nurture your baby’s delicate skin.

Combating Sinusitis

What may seem like a common cold can be one of your worst nightmares. We are talking about Sinusitis. We all know that sinusitis is inflammation of the tissues lining the sinus. It is a common disease that can affect anyone and for the very same reason, they are seen with considerable severity. With a good amount of the population prone to this disease, it is essential to be aware of causes, triggering factors, diagnosis and treatment methods.
Even though sinusitus emulates common cold’s symptoms, there are some distinct symptoms that give it away. Pain in the forehead and between the eyes can be a cause for concern. Congested and stuffy nose are seen with allergies and cold, but they are consistent with sinusitus as well. If nasal congestion and facial pain are persistent over weeks, it is advisable to go to the doctor. Sinusitus can be classified according to its severity as Acute, Sub- Acute, Chronic, and Recurring. This classification is based on the level of discomfort and the time span for which the symptoms are persistent. It is important to analyze which stage you’re at before starting treatment.
Factors that cause Sinusitus may range from external factors such as allergies and irritants, to internal factors like immune deficiencies, deviated septum and nasal polyps. Blocked drainage ducts and nasal polyps can be diagnosed by a physician by means of a nasal endoscopy or even a simple physical examination. The doctor will press your sinus for tenderness and tap your teeth to check for inflamed paranasal sinus. Basically, it is important to check with a physician before jumping to any conclusion.
Treatment is very important as Sinusitis when left untreated can lead to Meningitis or Brain abscess. Treatments may be as simple as nasal sprays and decongestants, antibodies if it is a case of immune deficiency or in worst cases, a surgery. However, if your doctor confirms that it is acute or sub-acute Sinusitis, you need to start using nasal sprays and nose drops to get rid of congestion along with the antibiotic medicines they prescribe. Instead of searching for a pharmacy when your sinus gets worse, it is more practical to buy nasal sprays and nose drops online from NZ pharmacy websites, such as Otrivin nasal sprays and Otrivin nose drops, which are trustworthy nasal decongestants

The Congestion Conundrum

As the Facebook meme famously said, “When I get blocked nose, I think about times when my nose

wasn’t blocked and how I took it for granted”. I think we can all agree that blocked noses are one of

the most annoying things that happened to mankind.

Jokes aside, nasal congestion is not just about the discomfort it causes. If you do not identify the

exact cause of nasal congestion, it might have some severe consequences.

Nasal congestion may be caused by something as casual as the Cold or something as severe as Sleep

Apnea. It is important to identify the cause and treat it accordingly. Nasal congestion is just a

symptom. Consult your doctor to eliminate the root cause rather than the symptom. If it’s an adult

or an adolescent, nasal congestion due to a cold or an allergy is nothing to be worried about. In the

case of an infant though, it might interfere with breastfeeding and could eventually cause serious

respiratory distress.

While there are various forms of decongestants available, Nasal sprays are the most effective in

crossing the blood-brain barrier. There are different types of nasal sprays , such as Antihistamine

sprays, Corticosteroid sprays, Saline sprays and topical decongestant sprays etc. Each of these

sprays has a unique purpose and a time limit on their usage. Overusing nasal sprays come with a

different set of problems that are extremely unpleasant. So make sure to choose the right kind of

spray according to the user’s age group and condition.

If you have a respiratory illness or a kid at home, chances are, you will need nasal sprays at your

disposal, at all times, thanks to the changing climate in New Zealand. If you aren’t too keen on using

nasal sprays, resort to nasal drops. If you have trouble finding these nasal decongestants in a

pharmacy in NZ, you have the luxury to buy Otrivin nasal sprays and Otrivin nasal drops online

without moving a muscle.

The Art Of Raising A Baby

Raising a baby is no child’s play. Right from when they are born, the little bundle of joy needs utmost care and attention. The beautiful thing about bringing up a child is to see them grow and learn daily. But during these stages, a child needs to be taken care of, at all times. Catering to every single need of theirs is not an easy task. You need to be well equipped and prepared to take this up.

Right from feeding your child, to identifying the source of their discomfort, taking care of your baby needs a lot of patience. There are products that can help to relieve some of that pressure. A plethora of products are available online to assist any parent. These products range from breastfeeding pumps for working mothers, to medicines that stop your baby’s nail biting habit.

Buying baby care products online in New Zealand is a fast growing industry, which offers countless baby care products. Until the kids reach ages 9 or 10, they fall sick frequently. It is important for parents to stock up the medicine cabinet with medicines for common diseases like flu and stomach worms, after consulting your physician. Websites with various kids care products online in New Zealand, let you purchase these medicines in bulk. If you are a parent of a toddler or a baby, you will know the importance of stocking up on bath oils and nappies.

Buying baby care products online solves many problems that parents of today’s generation are facing. It is not always necessary to take care your baby to the pharmacy to buy these products. Various online stores provide the comfort of shopping from home and booking in bulk along with easy payment options and return policies. Baby care products have revolutionised online shopping in New Zealand in a very short span of time. What are you waiting for? Go hit the internet to purchase any desired kids care product. Happy parenting!

Kid’s Health Products

Kid’s these days are exposed to more than those of the previous generations. Their exposure to an ever-expanding media, the attractive world of electronic gadgets; the parental and peer pressure to give more mentally and physically to achieve more and stay in the race of a frenzied lifestyle is being detrimental to their health and growth.

All of these pressures can hamper a child’s mental and physical growth and can also harm their health. A healthy body is the one which is not only externally strong but which is too strong from within. To achieve this, the child needs nutrients that will support healthy natural growth and a healthy metabolism. The rise in the popularity of “convenience foods” (or junk foods as we call them) also don’t help. To counter these ill-effects, it is necessary to have a healthy eating regimen while supplementing nutrients externally.   

Many kid’s health products are available in the market these days which provide external nutritional support for the healthy growth of children. These include vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. These nutrients are vital to the normal growth and health of the child. Due to environmental pollution, children also face the risks of numerous infections. It is unhealthy to treat infections with a multitude of antibiotics. The best way would be to build the child’s immunity so that their body is able to naturally counter the germs that would cause disease.   

Children are also more prone to minor illnesses like coughs and colds. Many safe, mild and effective medicines are available from our online pharmacy. These medicines are gentle on the tummy and effectively fight the irritable symptoms so that your child is ready to be active again.

Kid’s health products these days are using the age-old effectiveness of natural products like colostrum, Omega fatty acids, Echinacea, cod liver oil and natural Vitamin C to build immunity, support bone health and increase mental and physical stamina.

You can safely and securely buy kids care products from trusted online pharmacies. These online pharmacies stock products from reliable manufacturers and can easily be bought from the comforts of your homes. One can also get discounts and these products are safely and promptly delivered to your doorstep.

Online Shopping for Kids Care Products

Becoming a parent for the first time might seem a daunting, almost frightening thought. You tend to get anxious about little things and wish to make the process as smooth as possible. This includes making the room perfect for the baby,  arranging and buying new furniture and accessories for the newborn. But the fact remains that once the child is born, your parental instincts simply kick on and you realize what needs to be done.

Many parents do all the planning in the world to make your child’s entry into the world smooth and enjoyable. And yet all the planning in the world doesn’t prepare you enough for the birth of the child. Every moment has to be enjoyed. Even though you have most of the accessories that your child would require, you may still be short of a few things after your baby in born.

This is when you can turn towards online pharmacies and easily buy the products you need from reputed manufacturers and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Buy baby care products online for a hassle-free and secure shopping experience. The products are all sourced from reputed and trusted manufacturers who have earned the trust and respect of millions of mothers in the country and the world. All this within the cosy confines of your home

Keeping dry cough at bay

Winter is finally upon us, which means cough, cold and flu season is in full force. Children are often the most vulnerable to catching winter bugs, mainly from the daily interaction with other children in the playground and after school and weekend sports.

Don’t get me wrong – bugs are good for growing bodies. Catching a cold is an indication of an immune system that is growing stronger. But we all know how heartbreaking it is to see our little people coughing uncontrollably, looking miserable and being unable to sleep.

Dry coughs come from an irritation or inflammation in the pharynx (throat) and can be triggered by a viral infection from the cold or flu or an allergy such as hay fever. Continuous coughing can be very irritating and painful. It could even aggravate the cough further and the constant pressure on the throat could cause vomiting.

The first step is to observe your child’s breathing. In our ideal state, we should all be breathing through our noses (nasal breathing). If your child is breathing through their mouth (oral breathing), it means the nasal channels are blocked.

Nasal block removers such as FESS Little Noses Nasal Drops, and Otrivin Junior Nasal Drops clear this passage and give instant relief. Warm water also aids in the recovery process. It is worth making sure that their bed spreads are clean to avoid the spreading of bugs.

Once the coughing has stopped, Thompson’s Junior Immunofort is a good supplement to prevent it from coming back.

It is very important to remember the golden rule – prevention is better than cure. Antioxidants such as Echinacea and Vitamin C build resistance against bugs and strengthen the immune system. To build the body’s resistance as much as possible by the time flu season arrives, it is ideal to start taking these supplements in the autumn months