Protein and supplements

If you are going to gym you would have probably heard people who are working out their talk about the protein supplements, protein shakes they drink after the exercise at gym and what kind of shake they prefer. Protein powders are transformed into shake or powder- however you like to name them or call them are getting more and more popular like nutritional supplements.

The nutrition stores and internet is full of protein shakes and you can buy them from all over these places. There are even pre-mixed, ready to drink protein shakes in many stores. But now the question comes are these protein powder only for body builders or they are there to serve even the normal athlete too?

What are Protein Powders?

Protein powders come in three forms; 1. Whey 2. Soy 3. Casein protein. “Why is the most common form of protein powder because it is water soluble milk – protein”. It is also complete because it has got all the advantages of nine of the amino acids necessary for human diet.

The vegan people may prefer soy protein, although its taste is sometime said or considered to be unpleasant, and it doesn’t dissolve in water as well.

Protein powders come with different types of price tags depending upon the usage and the need. For the normal athlete where there is not specific need at certain time in their training, the cost doesn’t is not that important. So if you are going to use the same protein, you will get the same benefit out of the less expensive more commercially available proteins.

In very specific situations, the protein powders can be a very concentrated source of energy which contains complete high quality protein. But everyone should remember that everyone, even athletes can get everything the proteins offer by consuming sources of protein such as meat, fish, chicken and dairy products.

When you want to use proteins?

So when an athlete wants to use more protein or consume more protein? There are few reasons for this.

  1. When the teenager is growing: when the teenager is growing and is working out, he or she needs more protein because the body is still growing and needs more protein in the diet.
  2. When you starting to work out: if you have started to working out and it is completely new to you, your body needs more protein, than it would normally because you are trying to build muscle.
  3. When you are raising up on your work outs: if you are someone who works out normally for half an hour a week, and suddenly you have decided to prepare yourself for a marathon, you would need more protein
  4. When you are coming out of an injury; if you are an athlete recovering from an injury, then you would need more protein to heal yourself.
  5. If you are becoming a vegetarian; if you are adopting the veganism, you will be eliminating the sources of proteins such as meat, chicken and fish and sometimes diaries and egg as well. So you might need protein to supplement the same.

The Warriors Who Make Us Proud

New Zealand has always been a country with good sports facilities and most importantly, competent sports persons who have never failed to make us proud. The title of the blog is true in every sense of the word because New Zealand has formidable sports team that win titles all over the world. The recent Rio Olympics is a testament to that. But even though we are in a comfortable position when it comes to Sports facilities and infrastructure, there is always scope for improvement.

For an entire country to be extraordinary in sports, profound change needs to happen in the infrastructure as well as mind sets of the people. With 19 medals in our hood and at a decent position of 18, celebrations are in order. Our sports personnel have worked diligently towards a common goal, without losing focus.  As they are constantly doing everything they can to make our country proud, there are a few things that can be improved to make their jobs easier. A flourishing country like ours, need no drastic changes in facilities and infrastructure. Nevertheless, there are a few areas where we seem to be lacking. Even though we have many sports facilities with state of the art infrastructure, maintenance seems to be a major issue as facilities gets older. Also older facilities are devoid of newer equipment and become outdated. Maintenance is as important as building. Apart from materialistic factors, there need to be more children out there, playing and discovering what sport they are really into. With more and more passionate sports persons, more awards are guaranteed.

Apart from all the above factors, medical treatment for athletes and players are crucial to maintaining a healthy and competent sports team. With severe injuries hindering the most experienced of players from achieving their goal, sports injuries have to be taken seriously. A plethora of sports medicines are available online in the NZ market for pain relief and first aid. It is imperative to keep some essential medicines and ointments in hand at all times, as injuries when left unattended can blow up to career shattering obstacles. One such essential medicine is Voltaren Emulgel that relieves the user from inflammation, sprains and other sports injuries. Buy Voltaren Emulgel online and elevate your sports conditions by a large mile.

Corner Pharmacy’s Club Aid Scheme

We have come up with a novel idea to help grassroots sports clubs throughout NZ. Having been involved in grassroots sports in New Zealand for 30 years, we know the financial constraints sports clubs operated within and the difficult circumstances in which they get funds to run their sports clubs. Relying on funding agencies is not always such a good idea, with many more clubs often ahead of the queue. Having seen first hand how amateur sports clubs run and the disappointment of getting funding rejected, we have offered all sports clubs in New Zealand a chance to raise money for themselves.

The idea is blatantly simple. All a sports club needs to do is to notify all their members to buy pharmacy items online from When purchasing your products, the customer has a chance to nominate their sports club of choice.  Every month 5% of every transaction made by a customer (club member) will be rebated to their sports club of choice.

The estimated minimum amount spent by individuals on Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins and Beauty Products are at least $100 a month. If a Club has 500 members spending $100.00 a month from Corner Pharmacy then the club can expect 500 x $100 x 5% = $2500.00 a month. Not a bad fundraising effort. Remember this is the minimum. Some clubs have over 1000 members and they will greatly benefit from this scheme. Smaller clubs have smaller budgets and they too will benefit.


How to nominate your club

While purchasing your order, check the ‘gift option’ box. In the ‘message’ box, simply type the full name of the club.

Email for any enquiries.

Injury- The stumbling block in a sportsperson’s career

Sports as a career might seem luxurious and glamorous from the outside. Apart from a Sportsperson facing the difficulties of choosing such an unconventional career option, a lot of blood and sweat goes into making a successful sportsperson. Years of training and hard work and the right opportunity to showcase your talent are crucial to pursue sports for a living. If you are in the training period or an established sportsperson, the word Injury will alarm you beyond measure. And here is why.

Millions of sports careers have been ruined because of Injury. Be it a person in training or an established sports icon, Injury doesn’t spare anyone. This is the thing about injuries- they are insidious and deceptive. Injuries catch you by surprise. You can never prepare for it. A slight soreness in your shoulder can magnify into something as severe as a ligament tear and you won’t actually know the severity of the issue until your physician reveals it. There are times when you hear a loud crack while hitting the ball and fear it to be the end of your career and thankfully it turns out to be nothing. But if it is a serious injury, the consequences are grave.

An injury for a sportsperson is more than just physical pain. It is a combination of physical discomfort and mental stress. Injuries stop you from playing on the field and it could potentially change the course of your career. Recoveries take their own sweet time and you can’t rush the healing process just in time for an important game. You need to come to terms with the fact that this injury is going to alter some aspects of your career and quite frankly, it’s not easy to deal with.

Even though the entire affair seems hopeless and frightening, there are some things you can do to prevent or heal an injury. Prevention is better than cure, so be it a tiny scratch or slight numbness, go to your physician as soon as you feel something abnormal. This way you won’t beat yourself up for ignoring the signs. It is imperative to keep first aid supplies and sports related medicines in hand, at all times. Sports participation in New Zealand is growing at a phenomenal rate. But it is crucial to aid these sports facilities with pharmacies and necessary medicines. Sports medicines are available in abundance on the internet and the prospect of buying medicines online in bulk is certainly a boon to the sports industry in New Zealand