First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

It is a well-known fact that First Aid Kits are an essential kit that one should have in their house, car, office or anywhere where it comes handy for in case of an emergency. One must always keep a well-stocked first aid kit at their home which can be purchased from Corner Pharmacy that provides all the necessary medicines and materials be it for household purposes, for office or for sports or in the handbag when going to such innocuous places such as the shopping malls or the cinema. You never know.

As we all know we have an exclusive range of sports first aid items and first aid kits for sports to ensure we offer this for any unsuspecting injuries and emergency. The first aid kit for sports includes, sprays, a medicine brief case, a bottle rack and a bag for all purposes. The first aid kit that we offer are lightweight, have handles and offers a lot of space ensuring you do not have to face any hindrances when in use.

Corner Pharmacy recommends that you talk to us about your first aid kit- tailor made to your specifications All you have to do it visit and shop for your first aid needs that is suitable for your requirements Just a click away and you’ll be ready to set you up for early intervention to your injuries.

We ask that you phone us for your sports clubs, work place, schools, churches, and childcare centres and we will offer you’re a great discount and ongoing discounts for refilling these kits.  Yes 15% discount on your initial purchase and then 15% for replenishing any stocks. Please email or phone to discuss or just turn up if you in Auckland to 1490 Dominion Road Mt Roskill to discuss your First Aid needs

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