Best Health Care Tips

The best way to stay healthy and fit is to take care of your body in the right way. To stay as healthy as possible, you need to be an active participant in your own care. You can maintain a health routine by following some important health tips to stay fit. We have listed a few best health care tips below which you can follow in your daily life routine.

Eat a well balance diet.

Eat healthy, well balanced and a nutritious diet every day to remain healthy. This does not mean you cannot enjoy junk good, there is always a way to mindful eating. Make sure you include a lot of vegetables and lot of fruits in your diet. As always said, never skip breakfast as that is your king meal for the day. Cut down on processed foods, sugar and saturated fat. Sit yourself away from distractions and enjoy your meal. Eat slowly.

Exercise on a regular basis.

Exercise everyday if you can, at least 3-4 times in a week. Exercise improves mental stress, helps you maintain a healthy weight, increases your energy levels and helps you sleep better at night.

Drink enough water.

Drinking water helps to remove toxins from our organs and carries important nutrients to our cells. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration, which make you tired and also gives a negative impact on your vital systems. Drinking lots of water can also make you look your best, as it helps to give you glowing skin.

Get enough sleep.

Set a bedtime routine. Make it a habit to go bed at the same time every night. Avoid eating, talking on the phone before you sleep. Avoid using computers, smart phones, watching TV, or playing video games before you sleep as it effects your eye sight. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body operates under stress.

Quit Smoking

If you are an active smoker, one of the healthiest thing to do is quit smoking at the earliest. Quiting smoking can immediately result in positive effects on your health by reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and breathing problems. You can speak to our friendly staff at Unichem Roskill Pharmacy (

Watch your posture at workplace

Good posture is not just great for your back and neck, but also allows you to breathe properly and increases concentration and thinking ability.Get a good quality office chair, one with firm and dense cushioning and back support. Take small breaks in between and make it a point to have short walks.

Buy Cosmetics and Beauty Makeup Products Online

Cosmetics are used to brighten up for your face by using various types of products. Cosmetics are an umbrella that that provides cosmetics for infants, women and men. The word ‘cosmetics’ means a lot to a woman. Women are always very picky when they choose their cosmetics online or even in stores. Buying cosmetics can be a tiring affair when it comes to thousands of products smeared on your face by the sales person and the hassle of going to the shop and getting it.

As the internet era has evolved, there are various options of buying your needs or wants online. One such instance is buying cosmetics online without any hassle, all you have to do is just choose your brand and the product and complete your purchase.

Cosmetics products online are nothing short of a boon to the working women in today’s world. It saves you a lot of time and energy and is also available in a large variety by showcasing various brands under one roof. These cosmetics are readily available today in the form of creams, lipsticks, perfumes, and make up for the skin, nail polishes, hair colors, hair sprays and what not.

It’s not a secret that over the last decade, online shopping for cosmetics has evolved in ways we could not have imagined. The users have become smart shoppers where they know what they need to buy online. When shopping cosmetics or any make up product, it is ensured to display various angles of how a product looks before you purchase it, this also gains the customer’s confidence in purchasing the product online.

Cosmetics help to enhance our appearance and make us feel more confident. With more cosmetics on the market today than ever before, it becomes obvious to us that they play a great role in our everyday life. Come and explore our extravagant variety of cosmetics online only at Budget Pharmacy, where online shopping is made a lot easier. Visit:-

Top Benefits of using Natural and Organic Products

Would anyone want to switch their daily routine? If you ask me, no one would. When one’s habitual in doing things the way they always have, you may not see why one would want to switch up their routine. But isn’t change constant? Once you compare the benefits of  natural/organic products, you’ll see why one should adapt a new lifestyle with natural and organic beauty products that will help you look immensely great. Check out these benefits and learn more about how they work best for you.

Natural / Organic products are more eco-friendly

By consuming natural and organic products you are promoting the manufacturing of cleaner products. The ingredients are made from chemical-free farms, the processing method is much cleaner and healthier, and the cycle is then normally completed with more recycling-friendly containers. All of this helps to develop a healthier planet.

No More Irritation

Chemicals, artificial colors, and unnecessary fillers in skin care products and makeup can cause redness, irritation, and breakouts leading to an unhealthy skin. Many people are even allergic to chemicals commonly found in conventionally produced products resulting in skin breakouts. However, by using natural makeup and body/skin care products you do not have to worry about these harmful chemicals. The ingredients in organic and natural products ensure they repair, refine and rejuvenate your skin.

Take the healthier route

Your skin is the most delicate form of the organ in your body and often the care required seems to be neglected. The surfaces that it has to deal with are cuts, scratches, and not to mention all the harmful chemicals we let our skin undergo. Organic products are more healthier for you. By using natural and organic products, you know what is going on your skin. You don’t have to worry about chemicals that you have never heard of or can’t pronounce, and what they might do to your body. Instead, these organic products have ingredients that have been researched to be safe and compatible with your skin.

It simply works better

Many natural and organic products work better than their conventional counterparts because they don’t contain unnecessary fillers or irritants. And while some unnatural products may seem to work better with the first try, over the long-term, the harmful chemicals that made your skin feel cleaner or your hair feel smoother may actually cause damage. By taking the organic skin care route it may look like it’s not working as fast, but it’s changing your skin from the inside out. It benefits your overall health.

No harmful fragrance

Did you know, artificial fragrances are designed to cover up the smell of other chemicals used in traditional health and beauty products. If you’re the type with sensitive skin then don’t be alarmed at a sudden breakout. Natural health and beauty products smell like their natural ingredients, not a cocktail of chemicals. Natural health and beauty products scented with natural essential oils can even provide aromatherapy. They give you the effects without any side effects, which is exactly what you’re paying for, aren’t you?

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Beauty Fragrance – Sillage and Longevity

 Sillage, or projection, is a French term that is commonly used to discuss a fragrance’s diffuseness, an ability of a scent to be smelled at a distance; the bigger the distance, the stronger sillage is. Longevity, on the other hand, refers to how long a fragrance lasts once applied. And the two don’t necessarily correlate – sometimes we encounter fragrances with huge sillage but short longevity, and vice versa.

But those interested in fragrance regularly ask the question, “Which fragrances have the best longevity and sillage?” Many of us value a fragrance that is readily perceivable and that will last for hours after application; and others of us don’t feel that it is such an important quality – the actual aroma, or the fragrance identity is what we are most concerned about.

Sillage and longevity are sometimes wrongly connected to a perfume’s concentration with eau de cologne having the weakest sillage and longevity and perfume extrait to be the most powerful and longest lasting. They might be connected, but they are not at all in a direct correlation. For example, we’ve often encountered colognes that are powerful and extrait that are quiet.

Talking about individual raw materials, sillage is just a physical property like boiling point or color, and it is sometimes really hard to predict. What causes sillage? Technically speaking, the lower the odour threshold of the substance and the higher its volatility, the bigger the sillage will be. It is not at all easy to predict the general sillage of a fragrant mixture as sometimes, and in certain conditions, even very diffusive materials can lose their penetrating power, and vice versa. Sillage or diffuseness is a very important property of modern fragrances. Along with perfume identity, longevity and sillage encompass the 3 pillars of contemporary perfumery.

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Natural and Organic Personal Care Products

Natural and Organic Personal Care Products

Natural and organic products are produced without any addition of any synthetic material s and chemicals. The Primary factor which drives the demand for natural and organic products in the personal care division is because of the growing health consciousness among the global population.

The increase in the disposable income with growing health consciousness in developed and developing products is fuelling the growth of Natural and organic products in the personal care market.


In this fast-paced world, it is easy to get lost in your busy schedule. One major thing that takes a hit in a hectic lifestyle is your precious health. In the middle of busy meetings and socialising, we tend to compromise on the food we take. Taking just an apple to the office for breakfast or eating a dried up sandwich for lunch isn’t the ideal way to attain nutrition for your body. However, there are several multivitamins products online in New Zealand that can come to your rescue. Many protein powders and tablets are available in the NZ market for you to rejuvenate your health.

Fish Oils

Protein is a vital nutrient for supplementing energy to your body. Some of the protein rich food like fish, chicken liver and eggs are filled with protein. But if you are unable to receive the required protein and amino acids, you can take fish oil tablets and cod liver tablets online. These tablets in addition to providing energy, these capsules in improving your overall well being and immune system. There are several fish oil capsules available in the name of Blackmores in the NZ market. Buy fish oil tablets online from New Zealand websites and boost your overall wellbeing.


 In this day and age, maintaining a healthy life style has become more of a luxury than a necessity. With busy schedules and no time on the clock, we resort to eating whatever is available which might lead to severe nutrition deficiencies. It is important to compensate for the lost nutrients in some way or the other. There are many Superfoods out in New Zealand that provide a plethora of nutrients in one bite. These food items come in different forms and dishes and are a powerhouse of nutrients. Buy these health foods online from the NZ market and lead a super healthy life!

Digestive Health

Lifestyle and choices of food can affect the way food is digested. Drinking water, adding fibre, and exercising all contributes to better digestive health. Your digestive system breaks down the food into the nutrition the body needs. If we neglect the your digestive health, your body could run into problems digesting foods and absorbing those nutrients. Corner Pharmacy has range of products to take care of your Digestive Health.

Protein and supplements

If you are going to gym you would have probably heard people who are working out their talk about the protein supplements, protein shakes they drink after the exercise at gym and what kind of shake they prefer. Protein powders are transformed into shake or powder- however you like to name them or call them are getting more and more popular like nutritional supplements.

The nutrition stores and internet is full of protein shakes and you can buy them from all over these places. There are even pre-mixed, ready to drink protein shakes in many stores. But now the question comes are these protein powder only for body builders or they are there to serve even the normal athlete too?

What are Protein Powders?

Protein powders come in three forms; 1. Whey 2. Soy 3. Casein protein. “Why is the most common form of protein powder because it is water soluble milk – protein”. It is also complete because it has got all the advantages of nine of the amino acids necessary for human diet.

The vegan people may prefer soy protein, although its taste is sometime said or considered to be unpleasant, and it doesn’t dissolve in water as well.

Protein powders come with different types of price tags depending upon the usage and the need. For the normal athlete where there is not specific need at certain time in their training, the cost doesn’t is not that important. So if you are going to use the same protein, you will get the same benefit out of the less expensive more commercially available proteins.

In very specific situations, the protein powders can be a very concentrated source of energy which contains complete high quality protein. But everyone should remember that everyone, even athletes can get everything the proteins offer by consuming sources of protein such as meat, fish, chicken and dairy products.

When you want to use proteins?

So when an athlete wants to use more protein or consume more protein? There are few reasons for this.

  1. When the teenager is growing: when the teenager is growing and is working out, he or she needs more protein because the body is still growing and needs more protein in the diet.
  2. When you starting to work out: if you have started to working out and it is completely new to you, your body needs more protein, than it would normally because you are trying to build muscle.
  3. When you are raising up on your work outs: if you are someone who works out normally for half an hour a week, and suddenly you have decided to prepare yourself for a marathon, you would need more protein
  4. When you are coming out of an injury; if you are an athlete recovering from an injury, then you would need more protein to heal yourself.
  5. If you are becoming a vegetarian; if you are adopting the veganism, you will be eliminating the sources of proteins such as meat, chicken and fish and sometimes diaries and egg as well. So you might need protein to supplement the same.

Taking the right steps to ensure your child’s health and prevent future illness

Children bring joy and laughter into our lives, but sometimes they drive us crazy with their tantrums, nonetheless our lives are never the same when we have kids around. It’s nice to see them running around the house full of curiosity and always looking for something to do. When they are healthy and well there is never a dull moment around the house. But there are days when our baby’s or toddler’s get sick, they are no longer active as before, they seem cranky most of the time, can’t sleep well and nothing seems to make them happy. The cause may be a simple illness such as the common cold or flu, diarrhea or stomach pain; these illnesses although common afflict kids more than adults and hence it is necessary for us to be prepared to handle these common bouts of illness in our kids.

While it is important to go to a Paediatrician when your baby is sick to ensure that your kid gets the right treatment, it is equally important to be prepared for the next round of sickness which can strike at any time. Most of us are unprepared for such situations, so what can you do if your child has a mild sickness when you are travelling, or you are unable to get the doctor’s appointment in time, the trick here is not to panic but simply plan ahead.

More than the doctor it is the mother who understands the child’s health and illness symptoms as soon as they manifest, in such situations the key is not to panic and immediately try and schedule an appointment with the doctor. We merely have to study our child’s previous health reports and doctor’srecommendations; this might help us to identify the current affliction. Observe the symptoms noted down by the doctor and the corresponding medications along with the recommended dosage. It is advisable to always have common medicines at hand this include medicines for cold and cough, fever, skin rash, stool softeners, stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting  … you know the drill. Doctor’s too suggest a minimum of three days observation period before prescribing any strong medications, in the mean time we should be able to manage our children’s illness and seek the doctor’s help when we notice the symptoms getting stronger or if our children are not responding to the previous medications.

It is preferable to stock the below over the counter medications for managing the most common illnesses in babies and toddlers.

  • Nasal spray or Nasal drops to relive blocked noses
  • Constipation reliving drops for babies
  • Fever and Pain relievers including Paracetamol and Ibuprofen drops and syrups
  • Antibiotic syrups
  • Anti-allergy drops and syrups
  • Cough drops and syrups
  • Anti-diarrhea medicine for kids
  • Syrups for nausea and vomiting
  • De-worming medication
  • Anti-rash powder

Corner Pharmacy is a recognised online pharmacy and we stock all branded medicines at hand and deliver it to your home when you need it. Our online pharmacy store has all the necessary medications you may need to manage your child’s illness at home before you seek out the doctor. You can buy medicine online as per the quantity that you require, apart from an online store we also have our shop from where you can buy in person or you can give us a call for any questions you have about the medicines. When you buy pharmacy online NZ from Corner Pharmacy you get the latest and widest range of medicines to choose from.


The Dangers of Self Medication

It is extremely convenient to evade the expense as well as the trouble of stopping at a medical centre  instead of going to a pharmacy or a chemist to buy some medicines that will relieve you of all the symptoms of an ailment. Although Pharmacists are highly trained to provide you with the best advice, they will also refer you to a doctor or hospital if need be. Going to a Pharmacy which prides in giving the best advice is essential. Often customers go to a Pharmacy which is like a supermarket and you are able to pick medicines from the counter without getting any advice at all. Repercussions related to self-medication are countless and certainly not worth the risk. It is absolutely essential to deliberate your symptoms and discomfort with a proficient medical or Pharmacy expert. In most of the cases, the symptoms are misleading and it might not even be the illness you think it is.

It is a pity that many people fail to understand the severity of the consequences, self- medication can cause. These risks and side-effects may vary from mild discomfort to new illnesses and even death in some cases. Here are some risks that are commonly associated with self-medication. This is why they say in NZ that you go and speak to the Pharmacist who is the health professional that you see most often

  • Imprecise diagnosis
  • Taking irrelevant medicines that lead to side effects.
  • Hiding the symptoms of a severe illness
  • Shelving medicinal guidance
  • Incorrect quantity of medicines that might result in drug overdose
  • Erroneous mixing of medicines and drugs that might cause unwarranted reaction in the user’s body.
  • Drug abuse is a prevalent issue in self-medication
  • Drug- addiction is a serious problem in this regard.
  • In adverse cases, self-medication can result in serious diseases or even death.

Psychosomatic indicate that a sizeable part of our population suffers from various psychosomatic diseases such as Munchhausen’s and hypochondria. Self-medication practised by patients suffering from psychosomatic diseases can be catastrophic in nature.

Therefore, it is extremely important for every one of us to consult a trained physician or Pharmacist before coming to a conclusion. Most often than not, diseases might present themselves without the normal, known symptoms. Going to a chemist or ordering prescription medicines from an online chemist should not be done without a prescription from your doctor. When you get the confirmation, be sure to approach the right online pharmacy in NZ to get your medicines. Pharmacy advice is important and you will get the best advice from people who are committed to this like the good folk at  Unichem Roskill Village Pharmacy or through their subsidiary

No More Weight Issues

Are you tired of going into the fitting room dreading that a particular size of clothing won’t fit you? Do you feel the need to pull back your tummy every time a photograph is taken? Struggling with weight issues isn’t a joke. With so much social stigma around the topic of “ideal body weight” and the society and media posing unrealistic expectations on people, it is very easy to lose confidence when you gain a few pounds.

Right from your gym obsessed friend who seems to prescribe green tea to you at every chance she gets to the fashion magazines that showcase women who look like a stick figure, anything and everything related to body weight affects you profoundly. A person might be of a certain body type because of a variety of reasons. Genetics, hormones, medical conditions etc. It is not just about over eating or junk food consumption. The first step towards tackling this sense of insecurity is addressing the fact that you are of a certain body type and it is not your fault. We do not intend to preach about inner beauty. However, it is crucial to understand that you need not look like a model on the magazine, who starves to look extremely thin. Her looks make her career. It is not healthy to look up to something so fictitious and beat yourself up for not matching those ridiculous standards.

That said, if reducing weight is absolutely essential for you to feel good about yourself, go for it. Although reducing weight seems like the solution to every problem, it is imperative to choose the way by which you do it. Denying your body the necessary nutrition and putting yourself through gruelling exercise regimen is not the right way to lose weight. Even though, cutting down on calories and indulging in some physical work is imperative to lose weight, it is essential to not overdo it. You can cut down the calories and substitute for energy with protein shakes and nutrition supplements that are available online. These weight loss products available in New Zealand block carbs and increase your metabolism. Buy weight loss products online in NZ and regain your confidence in no time.

Protecting your Precious Baby’s Skin

There are a few things that you will not let near your baby. Some of these items are harmful chemicals, Petroleum by-products, skin irritants etc. You wouldn’t apply these horrid chemicals on your baby’s delicate skin if you knew what you were doing. However, the sad truth is that components like this are frequently used in making many of the baby skincare products and toiletries.

It is a mother’s duty and privilege to look after her little bundle of joy with everything she has. There is nothing more gorgeous or gentle than a new-born’s skin. Did you know that a baby’s skin is more susceptible to toxic as their skin thickness is far lesser than an adult’s? With their skin being thinner and tenderer, chemicals in soaps and lotions are more likely to increase their body toxicity levels. When a baby is skin this vulnerable and delicate, it is important to choose skincare products wisely.

The longstanding problems caused by these chemicals in skincare products are often unknown to many parents out there. However, scientists are certain that these chemical infested products do a lot of harm in the long run. They are known to cause many skin problems and related diseases. You might see some immediate effects like skin irritation, burning, appearance of rashes etc. soon after application. It is always advisable to do a small patch test to see if there are any immediate reactions on your baby’s skin.

Even though we can do patch tests, a concerned parent will want to stay away from such harmful products altogether. To choose your baby’s skincare products wisely and to ensure that they do not pose any harm to your little munchkin’s skin. Buy the best of baby skincare products online in NZ from baby shampoos to soaps that do not cause skin irritation or rashes. These skincare products available online in NZ are sure to protect and nurture your baby’s delicate skin.