The Miracle Cure

A businessman went from the UK to Pakistan for a work conference. While he was there, he experienced chest tightness and was rushed to hospital. After a few hours of examination, the verdict was grim. He had many blockages in his heart and a heart bypass operation was necessary.

Naturally, he was anxious and told his friends about his health condition. A doctor happened to be at the conference and suggested he see a reputable natural herbalist. The following day, he went to the herbalist who gave him a mixture to drink. The instructions were simple: drink one tablespoonful on an empty stomach every morning. Not putting too much faith on this simple mixture but at the same time clutching on to hope to avoid the operation, he religiously drank the mixture everyday as suggested. If anything he told himself it wasn’t going to harm him

Weeks went by and the time for the operation was just days away. As is the procedure before any invasive heart surgery, an angiogram was necessary to determine exactly where the blockages are. A dye was injected through the artery to ensure that the blockages were visible. Doctors surrounded his bed to discuss the procedure.

To everyone’s surprise, the pictures on the large screen in the operating theatre showed all major blockages had shrunk to a level that was no longer serious. The only lifestyle change he had made in the weeks preceding the operation was to drink the mixture given to him by the elderly herbalist.

Studies now reveal that the main cause of heart disease is inflammation in the bodies affecting our organs and the heart. The inflammation is due to excessive free radicals floating in the body, which causes scarring inside the arteries. This is thought to have increased with our increased reliance on processed foods. These scarred arteries then start accumulating scar tissue, which leads to blockages.

The mixture is a very strong antioxidant, which rids the body of harmful, free radicals. It consists of Apple Cider Vinegar, ginger, garlic, lemon and honey. These ingredients are also great immune boosters for these winter months.

Keeping dry cough at bay

Winter is finally upon us, which means cough, cold and flu season is in full force. Children are often the most vulnerable to catching winter bugs, mainly from the daily interaction with other children in the playground and after school and weekend sports.

Don’t get me wrong – bugs are good for growing bodies. Catching a cold is an indication of an immune system that is growing stronger. But we all know how heartbreaking it is to see our little people coughing uncontrollably, looking miserable and being unable to sleep.

Dry coughs come from an irritation or inflammation in the pharynx (throat) and can be triggered by a viral infection from the cold or flu or an allergy such as hay fever. Continuous coughing can be very irritating and painful. It could even aggravate the cough further and the constant pressure on the throat could cause vomiting.

The first step is to observe your child’s breathing. In our ideal state, we should all be breathing through our noses (nasal breathing). If your child is breathing through their mouth (oral breathing), it means the nasal channels are blocked.

Nasal block removers such as FESS Little Noses Nasal Drops, and Otrivin Junior Nasal Drops clear this passage and give instant relief. Warm water also aids in the recovery process. It is worth making sure that their bed spreads are clean to avoid the spreading of bugs.

Once the coughing has stopped, Thompson’s Junior Immunofort is a good supplement to prevent it from coming back.

It is very important to remember the golden rule – prevention is better than cure. Antioxidants such as Echinacea and Vitamin C build resistance against bugs and strengthen the immune system. To build the body’s resistance as much as possible by the time flu season arrives, it is ideal to start taking these supplements in the autumn months