Protein and supplements

If you are going to gym you would have probably heard people who are working out their talk about the protein supplements, protein shakes they drink after the exercise at gym and what kind of shake they prefer. Protein powders are transformed into shake or powder- however you like to name them or call them are getting more and more popular like nutritional supplements.

The nutrition stores and internet is full of protein shakes and you can buy them from all over these places. There are even pre-mixed, ready to drink protein shakes in many stores. But now the question comes are these protein powder only for body builders or they are there to serve even the normal athlete too?

What are Protein Powders?

Protein powders come in three forms; 1. Whey 2. Soy 3. Casein protein. “Why is the most common form of protein powder because it is water soluble milk – protein”. It is also complete because it has got all the advantages of nine of the amino acids necessary for human diet.

The vegan people may prefer soy protein, although its taste is sometime said or considered to be unpleasant, and it doesn’t dissolve in water as well.

Protein powders come with different types of price tags depending upon the usage and the need. For the normal athlete where there is not specific need at certain time in their training, the cost doesn’t is not that important. So if you are going to use the same protein, you will get the same benefit out of the less expensive more commercially available proteins.

In very specific situations, the protein powders can be a very concentrated source of energy which contains complete high quality protein. But everyone should remember that everyone, even athletes can get everything the proteins offer by consuming sources of protein such as meat, fish, chicken and dairy products.

When you want to use proteins?

So when an athlete wants to use more protein or consume more protein? There are few reasons for this.

  1. When the teenager is growing: when the teenager is growing and is working out, he or she needs more protein because the body is still growing and needs more protein in the diet.
  2. When you starting to work out: if you have started to working out and it is completely new to you, your body needs more protein, than it would normally because you are trying to build muscle.
  3. When you are raising up on your work outs: if you are someone who works out normally for half an hour a week, and suddenly you have decided to prepare yourself for a marathon, you would need more protein
  4. When you are coming out of an injury; if you are an athlete recovering from an injury, then you would need more protein to heal yourself.
  5. If you are becoming a vegetarian; if you are adopting the veganism, you will be eliminating the sources of proteins such as meat, chicken and fish and sometimes diaries and egg as well. So you might need protein to supplement the same.