The Congestion Conundrum

As the Facebook meme famously said, “When I get blocked nose, I think about times when my nose

wasn’t blocked and how I took it for granted”. I think we can all agree that blocked noses are one of

the most annoying things that happened to mankind.

Jokes aside, nasal congestion is not just about the discomfort it causes. If you do not identify the

exact cause of nasal congestion, it might have some severe consequences.

Nasal congestion may be caused by something as casual as the Cold or something as severe as Sleep

Apnea. It is important to identify the cause and treat it accordingly. Nasal congestion is just a

symptom. Consult your doctor to eliminate the root cause rather than the symptom. If it’s an adult

or an adolescent, nasal congestion due to a cold or an allergy is nothing to be worried about. In the

case of an infant though, it might interfere with breastfeeding and could eventually cause serious

respiratory distress.

While there are various forms of decongestants available, Nasal sprays are the most effective in

crossing the blood-brain barrier. There are different types of nasal sprays , such as Antihistamine

sprays, Corticosteroid sprays, Saline sprays and topical decongestant sprays etc. Each of these

sprays has a unique purpose and a time limit on their usage. Overusing nasal sprays come with a

different set of problems that are extremely unpleasant. So make sure to choose the right kind of

spray according to the user’s age group and condition.

If you have a respiratory illness or a kid at home, chances are, you will need nasal sprays at your

disposal, at all times, thanks to the changing climate in New Zealand. If you aren’t too keen on using

nasal sprays, resort to nasal drops. If you have trouble finding these nasal decongestants in a

pharmacy in NZ, you have the luxury to buy Otrivin nasal sprays and Otrivin nasal drops online

without moving a muscle.

Injury- The stumbling block in a sportsperson’s career

Sports as a career might seem luxurious and glamorous from the outside. Apart from a Sportsperson facing the difficulties of choosing such an unconventional career option, a lot of blood and sweat goes into making a successful sportsperson. Years of training and hard work and the right opportunity to showcase your talent are crucial to pursue sports for a living. If you are in the training period or an established sportsperson, the word Injury will alarm you beyond measure. And here is why.

Millions of sports careers have been ruined because of Injury. Be it a person in training or an established sports icon, Injury doesn’t spare anyone. This is the thing about injuries- they are insidious and deceptive. Injuries catch you by surprise. You can never prepare for it. A slight soreness in your shoulder can magnify into something as severe as a ligament tear and you won’t actually know the severity of the issue until your physician reveals it. There are times when you hear a loud crack while hitting the ball and fear it to be the end of your career and thankfully it turns out to be nothing. But if it is a serious injury, the consequences are grave.

An injury for a sportsperson is more than just physical pain. It is a combination of physical discomfort and mental stress. Injuries stop you from playing on the field and it could potentially change the course of your career. Recoveries take their own sweet time and you can’t rush the healing process just in time for an important game. You need to come to terms with the fact that this injury is going to alter some aspects of your career and quite frankly, it’s not easy to deal with.

Even though the entire affair seems hopeless and frightening, there are some things you can do to prevent or heal an injury. Prevention is better than cure, so be it a tiny scratch or slight numbness, go to your physician as soon as you feel something abnormal. This way you won’t beat yourself up for ignoring the signs. It is imperative to keep first aid supplies and sports related medicines in hand, at all times. Sports participation in New Zealand is growing at a phenomenal rate. But it is crucial to aid these sports facilities with pharmacies and necessary medicines. Sports medicines are available in abundance on the internet and the prospect of buying medicines online in bulk is certainly a boon to the sports industry in New Zealand

Nutritional Supplements for Women’s Health

Women’s bodies are wired differently and are metabolically different from men. Needless to say that nutritional requirements of women differ from that of men. Women also need different nutrients at different stages of their lives and it is in a woman’s best interests to understand these needs of her body to be better equipped nutritionally.

The biggest and most frequent health challenge that women face is PMS, or pre-menstrual syndrome. This is a set of physical and emotional symptoms experienced just prior to the monthly menstrual cycle by almost a third of all women. To reduce the symptoms of PMS, women require vitamins B6 and E and the minerals magnesium and zinc. Gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid found in evening primrose oil, is also very helpful in reducing the symptoms of PMS.

Women are also prone to stress attacks just like men. Psychological stresses may result in symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and headache. Vitamins of the B group and magnesium are required for the health of the nervous system to keep stress at bay

Busy women juggle home and work and often complain about lack of energy when they need it most. B group vitamins play an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins which ultimately release energy.

During pregnancy, women need to be extra vigilant about their nutritional requirements because they are supporting another living being. Vitamin B12, iron, folic acid, iodine, calcium, vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids are required in plentiful amounts for a positive pregnancy and also during breastfeeding.

You should choose high quality women’s health products to supplement nutritional requirements along with an adequate intake of healthy food. A regular regimen of exercise for mental and physical wellness should also be followed to keep the mind and body healthy.

You can easily buy natural health supplements online from reputed manufacturers and online pharmacies. These pharmacies stock high quality tried and tested products which are trusted by thousands of women who have benefited from them.

Buy supplements from pharmacy online and support your body’s wellbeing through proper and adequate nutritional supplementation to lead a healthy and enjoyable life.